Low Volts music featured on the CW's 'REIGN'

Low Volts wrote and recorded an original song to be featured on the CW's 15th Century Scotland based show 'Reign'. With no idea of what the scene entailed, a dark, Scottish-tinged folk song was crafted using mandolin, flutes, hand drums and mysterious, dreamlike vocals. A bit of a throwback of what Low Volts might sound like five hundred years ago! In true Low Volts form, the song ended up being set in a 15th century brothel orgy-to-be! Multiple people about to get down medieval style when, as things get heated up, the door is busted open, someone gets brutally murdered and the brothel gets torched to the ground. Only in the musical land of Low Volts!  The song can be heard toward the end of Episode 117 - Liege Lord aired 4/10/14. Purchase the single on iTunes here!